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GoGreen Solar Skylights is a Dealer and Installer for ELITE Solar Lighting and Fans. ELITE Solar Lighting and Fans is a manufacturer of tubular skylights and solar attic fans in AZ since 2001. With a GoGreen Tubular Skylight, sunlight is captured through a clear dome and redirected via reflective tubing to a desired location - delivering brilliant, natural daylight. Our Tubular Skylights can significantly brighten up any dark room or living space - without bringing the heat of a conventional Skylight! GoGreen skylights are also leak free, dust and bug free, maintenance-free and qualify for huge tax credits! No matter how big your room, we have different sizes to fit your needs.




Installing GoGreen Tubular Skylights in your home not only reduces your electricity bill but also helps the environment by not consuming electricity during the day. You also reap the health benefits by receiving natural daylight. Human Beings were meant to live in the light. When we lack exposure to natural light, we may feel physiologically impacted with depression or even seasonal affective disorder (SAD). In short, sunlight makes us feel joyful by triggering serotonin production, improves our focus, and helps us sleep better. Have a better quality of life by introducing natural sunlight into your home with our Tubular Skylights.



Residential Sizes Available

10", 13", 18"


Approximate Area Coverage


10'' - 150 sq. feet / Equivalent to 3750 Lumens

Bathrooms, Closets, Hallways, Pantries


13" - 250 sq. feet / Equivalent to 6500 Lumens

Bedrooms, Master Baths, Kitchen, Small Office


18" - 500 sq. feet / Equivalent to 11000 Lumens

Great Rooms, Living Rooms, Large Dens, Large Office



GoGreen Solar Skylights and Solar Attic Fans are backed by a 25 Year Warranty!

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Solar Powered Fans


  • A well-ventilated attic makes for a healthier house. An attic that is poorly ventilated can increase your heating and cooling costs and even deteriorate your roof structure. GoGreen Solar Attic Fans remove excessive heat from your attic space, allowing your Air Conditioner to function with much less effort and use of electricity - thus reducing your electric bill!


  • Protect the structural integrity of your home through proper attic ventilation. GoGreen's Solar Attic Fans are especially engineered to permit an efficient fresh air circulation, which prevents deterioration due to moisture damage and provides year-round benefits to the trusses, framing members and roof decking in your attic space.


  • Homeowners are eligible for tax credits on qualified photovoltaic systems purchased and installed between January 1, 2009 and December 31, 2016. For Solar Powered Attic Fans, the solar panel portion of the product and the labor costs associated with the installation can qualify for the tax credit. To find out more on Federal Tax Credit for Consumer Energy Efficiency products visit the Energy Star website.


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